Wireless Products


CTSF Cabinet

The CTSF Cabinet will economically house a wide variety of environmentally hardened or non-hardened electronics which is an ideal solution for FTTx or xDSL for residential and commercial applications. It is a proven alternative for deployment of electronics when compared to a costly shelter or hut. The cabinets will accept any manufacturer’s server, router or switches, which makes it perfect for providing residential or commercial data services.

Cabinet Configuration:

The Fortress cabinet can be purchased empty for configuration at the site, or Connect will engineer, document, configure, test and ship the system completely installed with:

  • Integral AC Power Transfer Switch (PTS) system
  • Modular DC Power Systems and battery reserve options
  • HVAC cooling, heat exchanger or fans cooling
  • Non-seismic or Seismic Zone 4 configurations

GE DC Power

With our GE partner Connect is able to provide a full range of DC powering solutions from small modules to full large power systems up to 20,000 amps. In addition we have a complete line of inverter /converters for all your power applications.

Connect can also provide engineering design and support and 3rd party installation services for all systems.

CTSF Pathways

Connect offers all types of ducting pathways including specialty ducts such as indoor / outdoor / aerial micro ducts, and regular armoured, pin point inside and outside the wall. We offer one stop shopping with a complete line of accessories including mule tape, couplers and blowing machinery.

CTSF Fiber

Connect has teamed up with Superior Essex for our fiber product offering and are able to support the all the major varieties and configurations such as:

  • Available in a Singlemode, Multimode, Loose Tube, Ribbon cables
  • All dielectric cables
  • Buried cables (steel armor or aluminum armor)
  • Aerial OSP cables (self support solid steel strand as an alternative to lashing)
  • Available with toneable
  • Dri-Lite optical fibers water-blocking placed inside gel-free buffer tubes.
  • PFM gel-filled buffer tube

Analyzer Meter

For measuring antennas, networks, and cables

4 Instruments in one hand-held package:

  1. Vector Impedance Analyzer,
  2. Spectrum Analyzer,
  3. Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR)
  4. Power Meter


  • Simultaneously view two separate plots with different scales
  • Automatic calibration and self-test
  • Large numeric display in CW mode
  • S11 and S21 test ports
  • Cable/fixture nulling
  • 250 memory slots for both plot storage and setup data
  • Software included real time display of plots on PC Smith chart display
  • Easy uploads into PC Quarter VGA backlit LCD
  • Auditory cues for non-visual tuning
  • Spectrum Analyzer and FDR (1000SF & 2500)
  • Internal NiMH or NiCd recharger
  • USB communication to PC